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Basic UV Gel
Highest quality

Basic UV Gels

We can produdly say that our UV gels rightly deserve premium quality classification as all of them are made with the newest manufacturing process and from the finest raw materials. ...

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Luxury Line gels

Luxury Line UV/ LED

Mystic Nails proudly presents its brand new line of UV gels which gives you the key to modern highquality nail sculpting due to its unique prominent features. ...

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Developed for saloon works

Evolution Line UV/LED

The Evolution Gels can be cured under both UV and LED lamp. They have extra quick curing time. ...


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Recommended Products




Color UV Gels

The Mystic Nails color UV gels are easy application mellow gels with short curing time, excellent covering ability and magnificent color range. ...


Glitter UV Gels

These unique glitter UV gels break down all the limits and give you the chance of full controll.


Diamond UV Gels

Diamond UV gels are acutally a type of glitter gels.

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